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About Us
IAC was formed by Kristafor and Stephanie Ford. We noticed a long time ago that what we really want to do in life, is teach and create new items that make using your firearms easier.

IAC now offers safety and basic technique classes to our clients on scheduled days. This will give you the chance to work with us and become comfortable with your firearm before you take your concealed carry courses. We also offer "CHL Classes" which includes the basic pistol class, adding more bang for the buck!  Max class size is 10 people to ensure that you get all of your questions answered, and get plenty of one on one time! We feel the one on one time is very important for all, as well as a very calm and fun atmosphere! No drill sergeants here, just friendly trainers who want to help you to feel confident and prepared!  Full class schedules are posted on the next page (Class Dates and Sign up) as well as meeting our instructors.

You will need to bring your firearm and ammunition. (please bring a minimum of 50rds.) Food, drinks and range fees will be included in the cost! Please feel free to contact us to find out more!!!

For more information email: 

For appearance/demonstration  bookings please email jill.trammell@gmail.com

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